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Please I need some assistance on my wordpress site,any time a post is shared to facebook it won't display the image and I've tried but the same error occurs

I don't have any knowledge about internet and programing, maybe Mr able to help you out when he comes around.
Free wordpress blog?
Yes it's not yet self hosted
Mr A Admin
Where is the desired image located in the post? In the body or as featured image?
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It was located in the body
Mr A Admin
Try featured image. If that doesn't work, go to, paste the url into the box, click debug, then choose "fetch new scrap3 information". After doing this, try sharing the post again.

When you try to share a post the first time, facebook will save that share data for a few days. So even if you change the image and try to share again, facebook will still display the old data. Use the link above to tell facebook to obtain a fresh grab from that post. Remember that the image should not be greater than 200 x 200.
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Okay,but please am I going to insert the link of my website or the link of the share facebook post and am I only going to click fetch new scrape?
Mr A Admin
The link of the post you are trying to share, and yes, fetch new scrape.
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Okay thanks very much Sir,I've tried it and it was working perfectly after following the steps
Lucky you! ;):);):)
Thanks very much,Sir phil
Thank Mr A, not me!
For the facebook PM
Then it shouldn't have been here!

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