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Voice your opinions here. What feature do you think should be added? What feature do you think should be removed? What feature do you think should be improved or changed?

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u nid 2 put hw a person star progress
u nid 2 put colours on profile
add more colours 2 dis site
   Re-input the search box of the site, its a very easy and speedy way for members to get quick solutions to their problems/complaints.
Honestly speaking, it really needs to be re-inputed.
Mr A Admin
The search box was part of what caused lag on page load then, but I am looking to put it back up soon.
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If really there is a possibility that restoring the Search box would cause more harm to the site or it members, then its better we go for something else and forget about that. Or do you still think we should re-input the Search box, for the fact that it was very important and useful to all?
i will suport the above statment, if it cause problm live it oh!
Mr A Admin
The search box will definitely be back up on the mobile site. I am looking to optimize the entire site first. Note that there will always be a search box on the full site.
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Thanks brother.
Bro, i just thought of an idea. Let an | Invite | box be created & placed at the top of d mobile site. In that invite box should be something like this;
  Write the names of friends to be invited
  To what community are you sending your invitation?
  Click Here to Invite
 That would be a medium 4 members 2 invite frnds from other sites in2 d site. With this, wuld gain more members.
What says you bro?
Mr A Admin
Good idea, but I am not of how that can be implemented. I mean, what medium or how would members on other sites receive this invitation?
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It will definately be sent into their message box.
  Lets give it a try.
Mr A Admin
I will add it to the to-do list. Thank you.
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Am glad you like it. Thanks alot.
Swap to a newly posted idea @ Suggestions for
I suggest that;
a feature containing games & apps should be installed to bring in more people
Games to be added, that will distract communication which is one of the major purpose for the creation of the web community, and as for the introduction of Applications, i really can't say since i'm not number one in command. Lets wait to hear what Mr Admin has to say concerning that.
Mr A Admin
We already have a plan to include arcade games on the forum, but this feature will only be available for users on Computers or devices that can run Flash media. Games will be available by December 2014.

Concerning apps, if you are referring to a downloads section, we already have one in the works and should be finished this week.

Edit: Downloads section is up.
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hmmm seems senior bros supports that idea. Well it a good one that it be available for computer users only so as not to really distract but rather to serve as an advantage.
 Well done bro, 3 kpoza to you - kpoza..kpoza...kpoza.....................
Mr A Admin
Happy Ramadan EasyNigerians,
There are a handful of new features / changes I am trying to make to the site before the end of 2014. I have decided to keep a lid on some of them for personal reasons.

The others which I'd like to share are:

1. The Like Button: I am sure you have seen these around the site. The downside is that it does not work on the mobile site yet (only on the full site), and there's a possibility it may not work until I implement number 4 on this list.

2. Free Advertising: You will be able to advertise with the coins you earn from the forum.

4. Combining the Mobile and Full sites: This will be our biggest change. The entire website will change completely to offer just ONE version to everyone. This is what webmasters call 'responsive'. You will be able to use all the features of the full site including 'Add friends' etc. I have decided to launch it specifically on December 31st 2014 even if we finish the design before that time.

Which one of these changes are you hoping to see? If you have comments or other suggestions please post them here :)
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Vision 2015 for Easynaija is at hand, great idea from the Admin Mr A. Its a thing we have all wait to come as we hope for the fufilment of this great vision. Goodluck to Easynaija
Very well then. But I must start by apologizing to the entire community; For been away for over a month before now. We started a new semester back in school and I didn't resume in time because we were still running our I.T. program. But now am happy to announce to everyone that Sir-Phil is back in song! I would want to ask this question: The mobile version proposed by Mr. A to be released on Dec. 31st, will it be downloadable? If yes good for all of us and thumbs up But if no, I time for Mr. A to embark on critical thinking.
"You are welcome!"
I don't understand dis site
Fortune boy 4real
''It takes patients, observation, knowledge and interest to understand this site''
well, it's quite easy just as the name implies, just abou tand comment on poeples posts lolzz
                                                                                                           I can't chat.
Its not all about chating but its about learning, it all depends on you and your interest in this Educative, social and competitive site 'Easynaija'

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