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Head Mod.
If you're having issues with your tecno phone, post it here so the experts in the house can help you. ;)

Help me download whatsapp in my tecno t722
Chris Head Mod.
Here's whatsapp for your tecno mobile phone;sa=view;down=3
Chris Head Mod.
Please see the link above
hw can i download wats app 2 tecno T605
Chris Head Mod.
Please use the Whatsapp download link above
How can i download 2go for tecno T390
How can i download 2go on itel IT3680
Chris Head Mod.
What OS does your itel phone use? Is it android, windows, e.t.c?
Also, try to download from the official website and then get back to me.
Wen i download it,it will say unsoported format
Chris Head Mod.
what format does your phone use for apps? Is it .jar or .apk?
I dont tink it uses any but i tink it use apk
Chris Head Mod.
You have to check, its important so that you will know what type of 2go to download.
Scroll to any app on your phone, then press "options" then properties or details, check if you can find the file type.
Do that first, then get back to me.

Also, try this 2go file: 2go For Low End Phones
Please let me know if it works.
Chris Head Mod.
Please check the downloads section for whatsapp and 2go
Hw cn i post picture on facebook with my T722
Chris Head Mod.
Visit the facebook mobile website at with your Tecno T722, above the update status box you will see the Share photos link, click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can upload your photos.
Cant download whatsapp for tecno t731
help me to download 2go on my tecno608
How can i erase text on 2go with my tecno t551
Chris Head Mod.
@Blessing, visit our download section or visit www.2go.I'm
@Macdon, use the backspace or delete button on your tecno phone
There is no delete or backspace botton
When ever i download another 2go apart from the real 2go it will be reconnecting pls do u have any solution?
Chris Head Mod.
How do you erase text normally on your phone? Like if you make a mistke while typing a text message, how do you erase it? Use that same button to erase text on 2go.

About the reconnection, did you type your username and password on those other 2go apps before connecting?
When am in 2go,d clear botton does not appear
When am in 2go,d clear botton does not appear i dnt knw if there is any way i can set it
AND about d reconnecting,it does not reconnect in d 2go that i cannot clear text but it reconnects in d 2go dat that i can erase text pls do u av any 2go dat can copy and paste for me? dats d only 2go dat does not reconnect
Chris Head Mod.
No, but let's try to solve the reconnection issue. Has that 2go app ever connected before?
If it hasn't, try to stop the connection and re-type your username and password, then connect again.

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