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Nominate in your own opinion the best eleven for the 2013 UEFA Champions League group stage.

(Iker C, Lahm, Ramos, Metassaker, Marcello);(Ramsey,Rooney,Salah); (Neymar/Robben, Ibra, C Ronaldo). Lets c urs...
Chris Head Mod.
Cech --- Ramos, Terrry, Ferdinand, Ivanovic --- Nani, Mata, Ribery or Yaya Toure  --- C.Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic or Aguero, Suarez
Chris "Chelsea fan" uh?
Chris Head Mod.
Nah, real madrid. Chelsea's defence just seems to be strong.
Am a Chelsea/Madrid fan, but Invanovic has been a flop especially while overlaping in attack.
Chris Head Mod.
yeah true but the body balance is a plus, he knows how to dispossess a player. Terry on the other hand is just a mini god in defence.
well; to some xtent, but hw about Suarez? he isn't playing in the UCL

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