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Mr A
You already know what it is. Predict correctly and win N200. You must be a member to predict.

Format: Team A score - Team B score (Network)

The match begins by 5PM tomorrow (thursday 26th June). Post will be closed by 5:10PM

Good luck.

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Ghana 2-0 portugal
Portugal 2 Gahna 1.
am at
Ghana 1-2 portugal
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Alright I see two correct answers, but only the first correct answer gets the reward.

Congratulations Austine. Sent you N200.
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Been the first member to win the predict score of Brazil 2014 world cup is quite an experience and a great honour, thanks to Easynaija, looking forward to see you grow more bigger.
mr a wat tip of tin is dat it is cheating dint i get it also  was it bcos i saw it late i hte it i am really upset
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Sorry, only the first correct prediction gets the prize.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
Every body is a winner but only 3 things make them different, i. Luck  ii. Blessing and iii the prize. My friend ''Emma'' you are also a winner, there is always another time. Thanks.

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