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When i went to spAIN i saw t-pAIN in a f**king plANE eating plantAIN popping campAINGN day by day no dulling

Nice freestyle I'll think about mine.
s3xy mama*2
abROAD was bOARDed,plane was flOODed, left dOver, going to nORTHen lOwa, dAWN was cOME, it was bORing, ALL were grUmbling, mOthers became nONE, pilot UNlOCked dOOr,looked to bOrders, "nONE was in?" (he wONdered), looked cONfused, became bORed, lost cONtrol, plane crash.
That was amazing.
It is, still trying 2 put my own 2gether see u later:-|
s3xy mama*2

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