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Pls who can define love for me perfectly.

   Love is not how 2 see but how 2 feel, not how to fight but how 2 fight 4, not how 2 weed but how 2 need, not how 2 be sick but 2 how 2 be stick, not how 2 4get but how 2 4give, not how 2 leave but how 2 cleave, not how 2 let go but how 2 hold on.
 Love values, cherishes, cares, respects and fight 4 its own.
 Love never give up. It never dies as it never 4gets its own and never leave its own as its in their hearts 4ever.


Marvis u ar too much,bt i think dat luv is promise btw 2 heart,wot abt dat?
Its not just a promise, its an eternal covenant between two true commited genuine lovers.

Even after death, while in their hearts, they will forever remember themselves and the love they've shared.
Love is unspeakable, deep, strong affection that is deeper than the deepest ocean; love is kind, love never fails, love cares and love is not selfish.
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