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be sincer.

Nothing. I really am used to forgiving people with ease. I hate despising others. It's just not part of me.
There is no sincerity in unforgiven attititude; there's nothing done to me that l cannot forgive; forgiveness is part of me.
 Anyone who claims he cant forgive people on some issues is indirectly saying he/she is perfect and cant offend other people also, which is not possible.
 Forgiveness should be part of our lives as mortals/humans.
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I am still yet to come across something of such. It's indeed hard at times.
if they betrayed me and i already have trust in that friend and later i found out the truth or he killed someone i love,then it will be hard to forgive,and someone must forgive because of what the bible says so you'll have to forgive   
@ Spottykay, its true; forgiveness should be part of our lives.
Sometimes ago, l live in a compound (Ikorodu, Lagos) with a wicked Ibo family; l cannot tell the story of what this family did to my family then. Their treatening and wickedness pushed us into renting another apartment. I met this same family last year again selling GOTV packages; l moved close to them and bought Gotv from the man; the wife was so surprised about my action and the way l greeted them, because l have forgiven them. The wife immediately started to tell me the story of what they faced in the same compound with another new tenant; how the new tenant maltreated them.
That is forgiveness; l dont feel anything against them again.
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In summary, forgiveness is from God. Pray so you can have the spirit to forgive.

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