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Don't be too in a haste in proclaiming ''Yes!'' as the answer to this questioning topic. Be patient and Go through, Study, and Meditate on these three verses before taking any step of replying = Genesis 5:24, II Kings 2:11c, and John 3:13.

Not only Jesus.
The Bible is perfect: Jesus is the only one that ascended to heaven. "And no man hath ascended up....."( John. 3:13). Enouch didnt ascend, he was taken by God(Gen. 5:24); Elijah did not ascend, he was carried through chariot of fire(2kings. 2:11). Dictionary defines ascend as "to rise, to go up, to climb...." : there4, there is difference between 'ascend' and 'was taken'.
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Yes, Only Jesus ascended into heaven.
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I don't get it, someone must have done something fishy here, why is Paul saying yes to his post?

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