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It is been said that love is Mad,love is wicked and love is a battle. And only fools falls in love. ...ARE YOU IN LOVE, ARE YOU A FOOL

Are u in love ?
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
No they don't. Rather, they fall in lust. Only the wise and responsible fall in love.
  And know that Love isn't mad, blind or whatsoever you may call it.
    Love is sight & life.
Lust possesses those said negative characteristics.
I can fools fall in love?
What is even the parameter for measuring foolishness and wisdom?
Do these people saying this even know what is foolishness and wisdom?
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love is never what you stated love doesnt mean fool
It is pertinent to know that what many call foolishness is not, but it's widom.
What they realy call wisdom is cunniness and devilish way of approach.
It's also clear that true love is rare: people do refer to lust/infatuation as love..
Fools fall in lust, while the wise falls in love.
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You had a point at that stage
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