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I wanna ask the house. How many people can fit into an aeroplane?

Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
It depends on the size and inner space of the aeroplane. Some very large can accomodate 400-750 travellers. Others partially large accomodates 200-300 travellers while the smaller ones can accomodate 50-150 travellers.
  Though there are others which accomodate more than or less than that travelling population, it is the general counting of air travellers.
Marvisdby, U are gifted. I luv D points U do give about topics.

Wat i was Xpectin is what you,ve just said. Kudos to U!
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Thanks for the compliment.
i back you guys up.
That one is strong
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact

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