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Head Mod.
Since is a place where we can bring up disturbing issues in the country and try to resolve them, i have thought of putting forward this one.

There are times when we get charged for text messages that never got to the recipient. This is not meant to be.
I mean, it sounds too easy to accomplish when compared to the level of technology of our world today.
This is an issue we need to look into because i am certain that someone somewhere has also thought about it.
But first, I need your responses to know if this is worthy an issue. If not, please give reasons.

Mr A Admin
You made a point there chris.. but think about a case where the recipient's mobile phone is turned off at the time of sending, what then happens if the sender exhausts his/her available airtime before delivery?
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I think they should send back the credit if the message never reached d recipient

Mr A Admin
Nice one iyke, that should be it. But the question is - Would they know if the message never got to the recipient? Also, if the whole idea is possible to accomplish, would the network operators be willing to concur to it?.. considering they would be on the losing side at the end of the day.
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Chris Head Mod.
Mobile operators know everything that goes on in your phone, even the websites you visit. If they know who you sent the message to then they should know if they got it.

Mr A Admin
Okay Chris, i have contacted MTN on this issue. I'll keep you guys posted.
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Chris Head Mod.
Wow, what became of this post??!

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