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This a room of interacting about the problems pertaining to BLACKBERRY

My 2go username is as follows; olutop7, dynamictopzy, bbfinest,  tinargold17, olanipekun 222 (......
My bb reg account
Mr A Admin
Hello I.v.o
What's wrong with your BlackBerry account?
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Plz i don't knw how to di d B.B signture on my phone. Plz hw can i do it ????????????????????
Mr A Admin
What do you mean by BlackBerry signature?
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I can't make use of B.B woRld,2go on does not open several tym again
am at
Mr A Admin
Hello Nikyl,
please perform a hard reset on your phone (take out the battery and reinsert it)
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Mr A Admin
Hello Tissy,
please perform a hard reset on your blackberry (take out the battery and reinsert it)
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elyaks Guest
D problem wit my blackberry is, it falls inside water.. So, i tuk it to som repearers in my area 2 clean-up d water in it.. After it was clean up, they switch it on, bt immediately it started booting, if d booting line reaches half, it went off nd reboot itself again continueosly. They even flashed d phone, bt d problem is stil nt solve.. Wat do i do pls? Here's my numbs:08135607318/08090975330
Mr A Admin
You have to reinstall the BlackBerry software (OS).
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Mr A Admin
You need to use a PC and you should have the BlackBerry Desktop Software installed on it.

First, make sure you backup all your data before doing this as reloading your os will wipe all your data.

To begin, plug your BlackBerry phone to the computer via USB cable and then open up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, then follow the procedure below:

1. Click the Device menu and select Update...
2. A dialog box appears and indicates that there are no
BlackBerry Device Software updates available, click View
other versions in the lower left corner
3. The check box for the currently installed version is selected
in the Available Versions list. Click the Install button
4. Clear the check box next to Back up device data
5. Click the Install update button
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i am here to help incase you have one or two problem with either your nokia phone or your android phone wichever one just visit here.
I hAve been trying to downlod 2go on my BlAckBerry for sometime now...but its not doing..dey re jex telling me DAT itz a wi-fi service nd my wi-fi is on whAt should I do coz am fed up oooo...#crying#
Mr A Admin
I have been trying to download 2go on my BlackBerry for sometime now...but its not doing.. they re just telling me that its a wi-fi service and my wi-fi is on, what should I do? because am fed up oooo...#crying#
Where have you been trying to download the app from? Also, please learn to spell your words correctly.
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Whizdove Guest
Oh boy das great bt what abt if i wanna flash b.b ,and i cant download on my b.b.mword again pls can u help me wit it
Mr A Admin
Oh boy das great bt what abt if i wanna flash b.b ,and i cant download on my b.b.mword again pls can u help me wit it
What do you see when you try to download from App world? Can you still use BBM chat?
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my phone problem is dat wen i reboot my blackberry it takes almost 15mins to finish it loading and after loading and it will hang and put a littel square shape to it loading
pls am using blackberry 9630(tour)

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